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You’ve read it here first: FST has evolved. We’re happy to announce a fresh name and cleverly crafted logo born from our clients’ desire to build more sophisticated content engines.

Mapping out the meaning

The name 3CC highlights our multi-faceted approach to our clients’ needs. The 3 represents our work across different mediums - digital, film and print - while the Cs stand for content and creatives, which reflects our drive and capacity to produce well thought out, quality editorial and marketing solutions.

Forming the equation

Several visual cues led to the final logo design. The inspiration behind the chosen colour was drawn from engineer blueprints, with the shape mimicking a traditional ‘share’ icon. This portrays 3CC’s ability to generate meaningful conversations that can be amplified and shared across the social spectrum. The overall design is reminiscent of chemical equations and combustion, further reinforcing the explosive nature of these social conversations and how they can generate meaningful relationships between brands and consumers.

3CC thrives on combining story and technology. By producing aesthetically pleasing visuals, well-crafted copy and engrossing films, it is important that these ideas are distributed and shared across multiple platforms. In a society that is increasingly captivated by digital innovation and advancements it’s becoming clear that ‘story-tech’ is the content production method of the future.

Finalising the brand identity

Of course a brand must showcase its newfound identity whenever and wherever is possible. Headed paper, address labels, mouse-mats and business cards provide clients with something tangible, showing that while 3CC has adopted technology to produce ideas, it is still firmly cemented in ‘real life’. Now there’s an approach that really adds up.

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