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End of year round up

We break down the key trends that shaped lifestyle, interiors and travel in 2017

Consumer power was at its most palpable this year. This new era, largely shaped by social media, has meant that a single wrong move could spell destruction for a brand’s reputation. Pepsi’s questionable protest-themed campaign fronted by Kendall Jenner, and Nivea’s recent racially insensitive TV adverts are notable examples. Nonetheless, this empowered, community-driven culture has edged industries into thoughtful and creative content creation. Below, we list the four major trends we have observed across lifestyle, interiors and travel in 2017 that helped to set the agenda.

Representation and multiple perspectives

Media platforms have finally truly adopting a more diverse visual language. Speaking to a wide range of bodies, races and orientations is undoubtedly a key part of ethical content creation, as seen with Getty Images’ collaboration with emerging photographer Campbell Addy. This project saw the development of stock images entitled Portrait of a Young Person Holding an Ambiguous Gaze, a complete revision of the standard whitewashed offering found in typical stock imagery. Absolut vodka too celebrated the often marginalised with Kiss With Pride – a campaign marking 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales. Joining this call to arms, we at 3cc spotlighted the increasingly inclusive beauty landscape for the in-depth feature Beauty for Boys in Toni&Guy’s Spring 2017 issue. And for label.m, we created a promotional video for the new We Are Two// Collection, championing cultural diversity, unity and equality.

Brand campaign video for label.m's We Are Two// Collection

Artisanal takeover

“For years, the world has been obsessed with DIYs pulled from Pinterest, Instagram and, of course Etsy, but designers are now looking toward items that are more artisan than quick and easy.” So reads Elle Décor’s round up of 2017 interiors trends. Well-crafted pieces are ever more alluring as consumers favour permanence and authenticity over cheaper, replaceable goods. At Andrew Martin, high-level design takes centre stage, and in conceptualising and producing the company’s 2018 catalogue, 3cc helped to spotlight phenomenal work from the luxury interiors company alongside interviews with artists and artisans behind signature pieces.

An interview with artist Holly Frean who created custom prints for Andrew Martin's collection

Garden magic

Attentive gardening, the Telegraph reports, is closely tied to the mindfulness trend that has seen increased popularity this year. The health benefits of horticulture have meant that more people are getting their fingers in the dirt and embracing the charm of home grown produce. In issue 4 of Dumfries House Magazine, we created a feature about heritage vegetables farmed at the Scottish estate’s Education Gardens, showcasing the phenomenal colours and flavours of these sought-after varieties.

A still life created using produce from the Dumfries House Gardens

Self-curated travel

In tackling our brief to fully re-launch the London Southend Airport website, we decided to honour the independent travel habits of customers today. As 52% of Facebook users look to their friends’ photos for travel inspiration (as reported in Adweek), it’s apparent that jetsetters are showing less enthusiasm for travel packages and agencies. Through clean, modern web design, the new fully responsive, easy-to- navigate website is equipped with a destination guide, airport information and flight updates - ensuring hassle-free travel, even for the most spontaneous of trips.

The user friendly sleek London Southend Airport website

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