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Easter eggs. No, we're not talking about the chocolate variety. Hidden amongst some of the Internet's most popular websites are digital easter eggs – an intentional hidden message or inside joke waiting to be discovered. Here are five of our all-time favourites...


The internet's favourite search engine loves an in-joke. Simply type in 'tilt' or 'do a barrel roll' and sit back and watch as the results animate. Try a search for recursion' to be left in an infinite loop, or if you're a fan of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, search 'Answer to the life universe and everything' for a private LOL. If you're really bored at work, why not type in 'Atari Breakout' and then click the images tab to see what happens

Street view

Outside Earl's Court tube station sits a blue police box. If you visit the same location online using Google Map's Street View, you'll be transported inside the Dr Who Tardis


Nestled amongst the endless cat videos is a tongue in-cheek reference to Star Trek. Search for 'Beam Me Up Scotty' and prepare to be teleported to your browser


This site is a go-to for film buffs the world over. As well as general information about cast and crew and casual trivia, there are user ratings for each movie with a score out of ten. IMDB gives This Is Spinal Tap a score out of 11 as a nod to the infamous scene in the film itself


From high fashion to high jinx: the Konami Code hails from the world of video games and can be applied to Vogue's website. Use your arrow keys to type in 'up up down down left right left right' and then 'B A' for a jurassic themed joke. 

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