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Turning digital disaster into on-brand triumph

A healthy dose of humour and some quick wit can turn a potential PR crisis into priceless advertising

Twitter Complaints

Any company that joins Twitter immediately opens themselves up to having their dirty laundry aired in the most public way possible. But handling complaints well can turn that unwanted attention into free advertising.

Clever comeback: When the Smart Car company received a mocking tweet they went the extra mile (pun intended) to make sure they came out in front (sorry).

404 error pages

Okay, it’s hardly a major emergency but accidentally stumbling upon a broken link on a website can be annoying. So bringing a little smile to the situation can work wonders.

Is it me you’re looking 404? There are so many pithy 404 pages out there now. Some go as far as making online interactive games - but this classic by STG is our personal favourite

Looking good: The 404 page 3CC created for fashion designer Giles Deacon reflects the brand's playful aesthetic

Owen the content hamster: 3CC's cutest and most helpful member of staff occupies our 404 page

alert messages

Crisis aversion isn’t the only place where humour can be employed to bring joy to otherwise tedious corners of the internet.

Hands-on: MailChimp is great at finding ways to perpetuate its friendly brand persona in places most would ignore. We especially like its online warnings (sweaty chimp hands) and success alerts (high five-ing the screen).

The above examples serve to remind us how important it is that brands maintain a consistent, engaging tone of voice beyond the norm to the ever-expanding, far edges of their communication platforms. By ensuring the techies and the editorial teams are in cahoots to create a pleasing and memorable user experience, your brand will raise smiles - and awareness. So, what does your 404 say about you?

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