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The benefits of working with micro-influencers

Four ways brands can work with micro-influencers to attract customers

Influencer marketing is not a new phenomenon - celebrities have always been used by brands to promote products and services. However, influencer marketing is now shifting from famous faces toward ‘everyday people’. Brands are recognising the importance of relating to customers on a more authentic level, and as such are enlisting the help of micro-influencers. A recent poll by MuseFind found that 92% of consumers trust an influencer recommendation more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. This stealth approach employs individuals with strong followings to mention the company across social media and digital platforms, or experiential events, in order to produce sales leads, up their brand awareness and boost engagement.

Here’s four ways brands can maximise their influencer relationships:

Blogger Zoella shows us how its done

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Zoe Sugg, known as Zoella, was ahead of the game when she started a fashion and beauty YouTube channel back in 2009 and now has an audience of 11.5 million. In a recent video she teamed up with brands such as Rimmel and Urban Outfitters to produce a March Favourites video. Affiliate links are marked clearly in the description box. Sending your products to influencers can be a quick and easy way to boost conversions and increase sales. For a pre-launch, these reviews spread the word and generate a buzz before it becomes available. Combine this with a ‘follower’ or ‘viewer’ promotion seeded across the influencer’s social media channels and watch sales soar.

Natalie Suarez for Bally

Snapchat scavenger hunts

Bally teamed up with model Natalie Suarez to host a scavenger hunt to celebrate the opening of its Rodeo Drive store. Natalie encouraged followers to snap selfies using Bally’s custom geofilters and then upload them to their stories. In return she would tease clues as to her destination and details of how followers could win a VIP ticket to the opening and win a pair of shoes. Snapchat’s instantaneous ideology is ideal for brands wanting to tap into a millennial demographic while they can still take advantage of an influencer’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram following to seed out the Snapchat scavenger hunt messaging before it takes place. Offering an end goal or prize is a sure fire way to ensure customers engage with a campaign.

The freelance community platform, Cloud Peeps

Social media chats

Social media management tool company Buffer regularly partners with thought leaders on their weekly Twitter #Bufferchat. Seth Bridges, founder of digital marketing analytics company Rival IQ, and Kate Kendall, founder of freelance community platform Cloud Peeps, have both been in the hot seat. Partnering with special guests or panellists on social media chats is a great way to inject expert knowledge and authentic opinions into conversations that further a brand’s authority.

Snap Spectacles

New technology

New technology, ranging from bots and VR headsets, is opening up fresh horizons for marketing campaigns. Toyota became the first car brand to trial Snap Spectacles by inviting 100 key media and influencers to The Night that Flows. Participants were able to imagine what it’s like to drive the Toyota C-HR and capture footage on their spectacles, which they then shared with their followers. Beauty company e.l.f teamed up with YouCam on an augmented reality app that allows live streaming, daily content, influencer tips and how-to tutorials. With the help of influencers, e.l.f also held a live stream in March involving an panel discussion and master class. By employing technology in this way, brands can offer a first person point-of-view and give customers a sense of exclusivity.

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